The beginning of Love Orchestrated

In 2011, the man of my dreams proposed marriage to me. He has been my friend for 14 years during that time, and even though it started off as a brother-sister relationship in church since we both belonged to the same ministry, there was love there. I can still remember I was just 15 years old when he courted me back then. Thing is, he’s 3 years older than me, even a year older than my older brother, so I saw him as one too. He was my friend, older brother, confidant, even protector at times so when he suddenly courted me (note I was still in highschool then), it came as a shock for me. Back then, I admit I was too young to accept the possibility of us being together.

Time passed, we stayed as friends (yes I had to turn him down then), he was even part of the 18 roses at my debut (17th rose, and believe me he is so proud of that since my beloved grandpa was my 18th rose), and of course we grew up. His family transferred house and I had to live in Laguna to go to college, in short we lost communication for 9 years. Looking back I believe God wanted us both to grow first, live life, learn and apply everything. We started communicating again through Facebook, and saw each other the next day (we were both working then).

Fast forward, he courted me formally again and then after a year and a half, he proposed to me (I will blog about his proposal on a different entry). Well, even during the time we saw each other again, and went out for short dates, my “soulmate” Lyra, or for others “bestfriend”, knew all along that I already had feelings for him. So when he proposed, (Lyra was also part of that plan), we were all so happy about it, that we decided to plan the wedding and coordinate it by ourselves. At first, our mindset was, it’s better this way since we love the details of wedding preparation, and another plus was we’d be able to save funds from it. So it was a go and the day of our wedding came….

and it was PERFECT!!!


Everything was how I imagined it to be… I was one very very happy bride.

I remember the day before, friends of mine came with us to the resort (Dive Solana, Anilao Batangas) to help us with the last stretch of preps, and my soulmate Lyra was right beside me every step of the way.


We experienced a different kind of happiness that day, and we would never trade it for anything in this world. Having a “perfect” wedding to us does not mean, nothing goes wrong. It just means, that even though things go wrong, we were able to use our back-up plans from A to Z, and that the couple getting married are worry free, and happy as ever.

To be a witness of a “love orchestrated” by God and sharing in the happiness of the couple suddenly became a hearts desire for Lyra and I. Right after our wedding, another friend of ours was getting married within the year. She heard from someone that we coordinated my own wedding and she asked if we can coordinate hers. So Lyra and I had a talk and decided that we wanted to give it a try. Believe it or not, wedding planning and coordination is a stress-reliever for us. We actually enjoy the details, meetings, planning, budgeting, time management, and meeting all the lovely couples that come our way.

That friend of ours, was our first semi-coordination (whole story in another entry), and the rest is history. Friends recommended us, and some blogged about us and the word got out about our team.

We are a team of four, Lyra and her “hubby” Kim (newly married), my hubby Mike and I, and we are all dedicated to serve couples and help them have the wedding of their dreams! 🙂 One of our main goals is to share the happiness we have in being married, and be a part of the biggest day in their life as they start a new journey.

At present, the Love Orchestrated team has been active for 4 years now. We have handled local and overseas couples, Christian and Catholic weddings, in and out-of-town, and hopefully soon even out of the country. We look forward to being a part of many more weddings, and bringing happiness to more couples.

Remember Corinthians 13:4 “Love is patient, love is kind”… Love each other just as how God loves us, because He is the author of love, AGAPE.

For inquiries, please feel free to message us here, or send an email to

…for those wondering what my partner (Lyra) and I look like, see photo below. 🙂 (yup we’ve had inquiries about our team that includes what we look like. Pat on the left, that’s me, and Lyra on the right)

Lyra and I







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Happiness in spite of the hectic world


This is Love Orchestrated. A team of wedding coordinators that come together after their “day jobs” and meet to prepare for the upcoming wedding they will handle. Of course, just like any other sideline, we all find time out of our busy working days to fulfill our responsibilities as part of this team.

For our upcoming wedding event this Saturday, our good friend May, second from the left, will be joining us.

This meeting was about the roles of each one, reminders, a brief run-through, fun and laughter. This is the joy of doing this business with good friends and loved ones. Being with people you work well with and trust.

Watch out for the full-story of our couple next week 😉 Happy Monday!!!

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